About Winner Yachts

Would you like to stay up to date without compromising quality, then Winner is the right choice for you. We listen to our customers and we are happy to meet your wishes. At the same time, we pay careful attention to every yacht that leaves our yard. We build the entire range from the mold to the solid wood interior professionally in house. Doing so, we do not overlook any detail. The result is truly a WINNER, which will guarantee your pleasure for many years to come.

It is a pleasure to sail a Winner, regardless of the crew’s level. If you’re less experienced, you will notice that a Winner is very forgiving in its sailing characteristics. Under all weather circumstances, you can count on a comfortable and smooth sailing yacht. So, your coastal or offshore trips will be a pleasant experience. If you are a seasoned competitor, the Winner is definitely going to surprise you. The recent podium finishes in national sailing events testify to the Winner’s class. No matter which wavelength you are on, you are always on course with a Winner!

Winner Report


Winner Yachts was founded in 1986 by the successful sea-racing sailors, Riet Vader and Dick Rus. By drawing on their experience, they wanted to build boats completely at their own discretion. Sportive and comfortable boats of excellent quality with the appropriate sailing features; necessary at sea. Yacht designer, Cees van Tongeren of the Van De Stadt Design office assisted them in transposing their ideas and expertise into a new sailing yacht, the Winner 9.50. All the time and effort they put into this project paid off. Thanks to her racing success, manoeuvrability in harbours and in North Sea storms, the Winner 9.50 obtained triumphant media commentary and a loyal clientele reaching from the Netherlands to the Far East.

Once the design of the Winner 9.50 was refined, the Winner 11.20 was built five years later. By implementing their own experience and clients' experience of the 9.50, the 11.20 was also a success. With the Winner 9.50 and the 11.20, Riet and Dick provided the best price-quality ratio. A third design was only added to the fleet in 2005, the 10.10. This contemporary design ties in well with the line and, again, like her sisters, is Way Ahead!

In 2005, Winner Yachts was taken over by Remco Sol. Someone with the right experience and who achieved good results quickly: the Flevo Race in 2005 was won with the new model, the Winner 10.10. The Winner 10.10 also won the ORC2 Championship North Region in 2006. Then, as the icing on the cake, the Winner 10.10 was nominated "European Yacht of the Year 2007".

In 2009 the Winner 12.20 was introduced. A new flagship for Winner, combining almost 25 years of experience in boat building with a smart, well shaped design, again by Cees van Tongeren. BONT interior Design was responsible for the interior, creating a modern interior, making use of modern materials, but still in the same atmosphere as on expects from a "Winner". Shortly after her introduction, the Winner 12.20 was nominated for European Yacht of the Year as well. Her first race results are showing her great potential, of which we will hear absolutely more in the future.

The Winner 10.20 was created out  of the Winner 10.10 and first introduced at Dusseldorf boat show in january 2011. The interior design features of the Winner 12.20 have been introduced in this 33ft Winner, as well as a new, taller rigg.

Together with our team, we hope to continue the 'winner success' for many years to come!