Owing to the superb location of the Winner Yachts boatyard, we can provide excellent service. As it happens, the boatyard is situated right along Lake IJssel. It is therefore possible to remedy a problem at the waterside, directly or if the problem is complicated, you can make an appointment.

Because we aim to satisfy Winner sailors, we are only too pleased to assist you with problems or queries. We have various products or parts in stock at our boatyard that can help solve your problems. Do you, for instance, need gelcoat? We can supply you with the exact colour right there and then. We are also pleased to answer your queries by e-mail or telephone.

If your Winner is in need of repair or you would simply like to replenish your Winner with new parts, our service department, is there to meet your requirements. They are experienced in maintenance and repair and know the Winner inside out. All repairs, etc. are being carried out at our boatyard.

We provide a two-year guarantee on our sailing yachts and a five-year guarantee against osmosis.


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