An elegant, fast and real sailing yacht

Winner 12: Combining beauty, speed, pleasure and comfort, the creation of a yacht for the real sailing enthusiast. Our years of experience in designing and building yachts and our knowledge of modern materials result in an elegant, fast, but foremost real sailing yacht. Easy to handle in great comfort.
 Winner 12 is a well balanced yacht, with moderate beam and nice distribution of her displacement. The narrow fore foot, combined with a flatter aft section results in less wake. A deep fin-keel with ballast bulb together with a high aspect balance rudder are ingredients for great pointing ability.

Steering is light and precise under all circumstances, the fractional rig offering great trim features. The large main combined with the well trimmable fractional rig can be adjusted to every circumstance without leaving the cockpit.
The well thought out construction saves weight and keeps the center of gravity low, resulting in a high righting moment. This is your guarantee of comfortable sailing. The interior is completely to todays standards, spacious and with great comfort.


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The Winner 12 is more than simply a fast yacht. The teak interior styled by Bont Interior Design has been created by and for yachtsmen. Luxury and comfort play a major role here. Large beds, luxury mattresses, a spacious saloon and a large, sea-proof galley. In other words, the new 12 makes a long or short stay aboard much more than a pleasant experience.

The interior is available in two layout variations. In the first variation, the starboard locker can also be equipped as a contingency berth. The second variation has a double aft cabin. The boat is finished down to the finest detail. Just take a look, for example, at the leather- covered grab handles.

On deck

Technical specification

 Winner 12
Length: 12.20 m
Length waterline: 10.40 m
Beam: 3.75 m
Draft: 2.15 m / 1.95 m
Clearance: 19.50 m
Displacement: 7.400 kg / 7.500 kg
Ballast: 3.100 kg
Mainsail: 52 m2
Jib: 36 m2
Gennaker: 103 m2
Spinnaker: 120 m2
Steering: wheel

Yanmar 39hp sail drive

CE-certificate: CAT-A