Winner Delivery Service

A Winner is designed to sail. To be able to bring new horizons for their owners.

To help (future) Winner Sailors to expend there horizon, Winner now offers a delivery service in cooperation with Overzeilen/Lastminute Sailor. Winner has had an excellent experience with Overzeilen/Lastminute Sailor delivering Winners for 2 years, and likes to facilitate sailing new grounds.

Why not let the Winner delivery service sail your boat to for e.g. Denmark and spend the summer vacation there? Not worrying about the Deutsche Bucht and the long Kieler Canal. Let a pro take care of that part off your journey. Or choose to take an experienced crew member on board when you do not feel completely safe on making a trip overseas by yourself.

Overzeilen/Lastminute Sailor has been delivering Winners to boat shows and helping out customers when they have little time or don’t feel like sailing there boat to the yard for the winter themselves. Not every yacht owner likes to experience a trip at the end of October, or in March back to her hometown for the same cold and windy reasons.

Jirja de Kool owner Overzeilen/Lastminute Sailor: The Winner does not seem to stop to amaze me for her great offshore ability, how fast she glides through the waves and how steady she is under all kind of weather conditions. Sailing a Winner is a great and intense pleasure, every single delivery!

Let us deliver your comfort and expand new horizons together!


Overzeilen-Lastminute Sailor


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