Winner Design

Van de Stadt Design

Designing a Winner is a challenge. Beauty, speed, sailing pleasure and comfort must all be combined to create a boat for the true sailing enthusiast.

Our many years of experience in designing sailing yachts and our vast knowledge of modern materials make up the basis of the Winner. It is an elegant, fast, reliable sailing boat, comfortable and easy to handle.

Winners are streamlined yachts of moderate width with a favourable distribution in terms of displacement. The slender fore of the Winner transforms into a broad, flat underwater hull aft, thus giving off no stern wave to speak of. The bulb keel and high aspect balance rudder are a hydrodynamically sound combination for sailing close to the wind. The boat is easy to steer accurately in all conditions.

The fractional rigging offers excellent trimming and is easy to handle. The large mainsail and mast, which can be trimmed to precision, can be adjusted to any wind force from the safety of the cockpit. The sophisticated structure yields a lightweight yacht with an excellent righting moment, guaranteeing comfortable sailing.

The design is entirely in line with the demands of our modern age: spacious and comfortable.


Cees van Tongeren

Cees van Tongeren, Van de Stadt Design

Simonis Voogd Design

An international design studio with two principal locations, Enkhuizen - Netherlands and Cape Town - South Africa. At Simonis Voogd Design we have more than 25 years’ experience with designing modern yachts. The company was established by Alex Simonis and Maarten Voogd. Over the years Simonis Voogd Design has achieved its own unique position within the international yacht design scene.

Leading the field in the CAD CAM technology, the company has built up a solid reputation by yards as well as sailors. To come to the exact data we make extensive use of Finite Element Modelling (FEA) as well as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

For performance predictions we use software developed by Southampton University. With all these tools we are able to predict in an early stage all variables of such a complex structure as a yacht nowa- days is.

Numerous international successes have been achieved on the racing scene as well as with design awards, such as Boat of the Year elections in the USA and in Europe. On the racing scene some of the world’s most prestigious races have been won among them the Sydney Hobart Race and the Cape to Rio Race.

We are excited about the cooperation with Winner Yachts and will utilize the experiences gained in the design of the new Winner 11. The Winner 11 will be the boat to beat in the future!


Maarten Voogd 

Maarten Voogd, Simonis Voogd Design