Sailing the Winner 9 is great pleasure

Whether you are interested in just easy and fast cruising, or interested in fast sailing fun, Winner 9 offers you both worlds, converting easily from fast cruising into fast sailing fun. On deck, Winner 9 offers you various options, adopting easily to your sailing needs. Standard she will be tiller steered, optional she comes with a JEFA pivoting steering pedestal and small wheel.

The very well designed cockpit makes sure that in all versions, sitting comfort and safety is guaranteed.As safety is of great importance on board the Winner 9 she comes standard with a large life-line padeye in the cockpit and optional with transom box, to close the cockpit whilst sailing with children, or for longer distance cruising.

The transom box offers extra outside storage space as well and will remain removable, so on your club race evening, you just leave the box on shore. As soon as you are back on shore, you put the box back on board and there you go, back in family cruising mode again for the weekend!

For the more performance oriented sailors, Winner 9 comes with a performance deck gear package or even with a retractable gennaker pole. So plenty of choices, and almost everything easy to be retrofitted later on!


The interior of the Winner 9 has a modular construction; additional cabinets, or storage bags, extra storage space in drawers, or a large compartment which fits your sails? Practical or luxury? Want to make your choice now, or later? It’s completely up to you.

On deck

An ideally designed spacious cockpit, with a tiller as standard and foldable steering pedestal as optional. A removable transom box for extra storage space and safety. The Winner 9 is like a chameleon, adapting itself to your every wish.

The rigging, fitted without a backstay as standard, makes it possible to use a large extended fat-head mainsail (Performance Edition). For those who are often out at sea, a backstay can easily be fitted.

Removable Cutterstay with Working Jib

An easy sail to use in strong winds, without losing the performance of the boat.

Cockpit seat extension

An ideally designed spacious cockpit seat extension, if you would like to take a nap or for longer persons. Removable and fordable and therefore easy to store.

Technical specification

 Winner 9
Length: 9.00 m
Length waterline: 8.00 m
Beam: 2.96 m
Draft: 1.60 m  / 1.25 m
Clearance: 14.20 m / 12.50 m
Displacement: 3.300 kg / 3.500 kg
Ballast: 1.350 kg / 1.550 kg
Mainsail: 28 m2
Jib: 20 m2
Gennaker: 60 m2
Spinnaker: 60 m2
Steering: tiller / wheel

Yanmar 14hp sail drive

CE-certificate: CAT-A