This year Yachts Winner celebrates its 30th anniversary and WinnerClub its 20th anniversary, so together 50 years. A good reason for a party!

We are proud we can celebrate this anniversary together. It is truly unique that yard and club have such a close and good relationship. This memorable jubilee weekend will take place from May 14 - 16, 2016.


Will you dock at three masted schooner Willem Barentsz?

Imagine: With your own Winner alongside the Willem Barentsz after a wonderful day of sailing. A cold beer, a glass of wine. A relaxing chat about the 1st day of the Winnerlympics during the buffet. And while the sunset provides a wonderful spectacle on the horizon, you dance with your loved Winner friends on the deck of the Willem Barentsz accompanied by live music.




Willem Barentz


The Winnerlympics are two days of water sports fun. Day 1 will focus on the WinnerCup. Day 2 will focus on Expedition IJsselmeer. The Winnerlympics take place in Medemblik and Stavoren.


Friday     19:30 - 21:30                         Sign up participants
Saturday   07:30 - 09:15   Sign up participants
    09:30   Winnerlympics opening ceremony in Medemblik
    11:00   Start WinnerCup
    18:00   Diner and party at the Willem Barentsz (departure 18:30)
Sunday   09.00   Palaver
    10:00   Expedition IJsselmeer to Stavoren
    14:30   Activities in Stavoren
    18:00   Price giving GOLDEN Winnerlympics medals
Monday   10:30   Winnerlympics closing ceremony in Stavoren



Participation Winnerlympics           €70 (per person)
Diner and party at the Willem Barentsz   €50 (per person)
WinnerCup, diner and party at the Willem Barentsz   €70 (per person)
WinnerCup and Expedition IJsselmeer   €20 (per person)
  €20 (per person)
Expedition IJsselmeer
  €20 (per person)


This includes:

  • A unique Winner experience you will not soon forget
  • Party night at the Willem Barentsz including welcome drink and snack, Italian buffet, two drinks and LIVE music
  • Participation Winnerlympics: WinnerCup and Expedition IJsselmeer
  • Drinks at the jetty on Sunday


Not included are additional drinks during the party, other meals and mooring fees.


To registrate for the Winnerlympics, click on the registration button (Dutch). The registration stops at April 15, 2016. The maximum number of participants is 100 persons.

You do not want to miss this event, so join DIRECT!